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We offer an API for consuming so that you can easily find info, ratings and reviews on an anime on our site. As always with APIs, heavy local caching is recommended to increase the speed of your app and reduce the load on our servers (loaded servers = everyone's app is slow!). Our APIs require no authentication, but we may be forced to block requests from your referrer if requests made from it start to overwhelm our servers. We suggest using a proxy in your own backend if you anticipate your JavaScript app will be generating a lot (more than 20 per second) of information requests.

All of our images are cached by CloudFlare with long expiration times, so they should get served reasonably fast and we usually won't even notice if a hotlinked image gets lots of requests from your site. We don't mind you hotlinking to anime display images or profile images but we will ban your site entirely from hotlinking if we get what we believe to be excessive hotlinked requests for multiple wallpapers from your domain. See our Picture Rules for a better definition of "excessive".

You must attribute us when using the API for your website, in one of these three manners

  • A link near (within 200 pixels of) where the ratings or reviews were used, with the text "Ratings by AnimeReviews.xyz", "Reviews by AnimeReviews.xyz" or similar, pointing to either the home page of our site, or the page on our site about the anime discussed on the current page of your site.
  • Include our logo near (within 200 pixels of) the rating or review, at least 30px high, linked to our homepage or the page on our site about the anime being discussed on the page.
  • Include the logo of our site somewhere (anywhere visible) on every page of your site, at least 40 pixels high, linked to our home page or the page of the anime being discussed on the current page. Preferrably with the words "Ratings by" or "Reviews by" somewhere near the logo.

If using the API from a backend, please set the "referer" header to the URL to your site - we'd love to check it out and maybe provide some linkbacks if it's über groovy. If using the API from a mobile app, please set the referer header to the homepage of that app - we'd like to check it out and maybe feature it on our homepage!

This documentation describes version 1 of the API. All api requests to this API should start with the path /v1/



Anime - retrieve all the data we have on file about a show by its id number.
Anime Reviews - retrieve all the review IDs of the reviews that relate to a show.


Review - retrieve a review by its unique ID.


Stats - some general stats about our site.