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So, you want to add a show to the site, huh? Well, first of all, thank you kind citizen, you rule!

Here's some points to bear in mind when adding a new show to the site. You should also make yourself familiar with our Picture Rules if this is your first time adding anime.

  • We will consider you to be the maintainer of that page from that point on. No other users will be able to maintain the page apart from you and administrators.
  • You're free to leave any of the fields blank apart from Title and Desctiption if you don't know what to fill them with.
  • Administrators may take the time to fill out extra information to you, or may not. Please take the time to come back later and add any extra information as you find it out.
  • A well-maintained portfolio of uploaded anime is a short ticket to becoming a site administrator.
  • This site is only for anime television series and Original Video/Network Animations made and sold in Japan. Exceptions may be made for other animated content popular among anime fans. Contact an administrator if you wish to have another piece of content considered.
  • Please make sure all information is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  • There is no need to mention other anime sites in your description. The site will automatically if it deems it necessary.
  • Any submissions that are not about anime will be considered spam and deleted. Any submissions that are simply commercial messages will result in your account being suspended.

Now, go forth and upload some content. Yay!