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If you're looking for high-res or web-optimised copies of the logo created for us by Ana Campos (Design Ltd), they're right here! If you're using our API, including one of these images is a good way to credit us and doesn't cost you any bandwidth!

Feel free to hotlink to these images from your site at the URLs used here, or to print them on a physical item. If you're choosing to modify the logo, make sure to credit the original artist with a link to http://anaswickedart.tumblr.com/.

(Full, massive size 1072x526, losslessly compressed only, for print and graphical work)

(204x100, compressed with lossy compression, not cropped, for use online when you want all the splashes)

(204x100, lossless compression only, not cropped, looks nearly identical to image above but is ~3.8x larger, for use online when you want all the splashes and have a thing for image quality)

(Small 307x100, cropped slightly to take up less vertical space in our navbar, lossy compression, ideal for use online when vertical space is tight)