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This page is for all the rules that you must stick by for pictures uploaded to AnimeReviews. We may edit these rules at any time, so you should check back here before uploading any images. We may also delete images to save space on our web server, or for a similar reason. If you break these rules, it may be grounds for a suspension of your account.

Profile Pictures

  • We don't allow pictures that contain nudity (including any nipples), rude gestures or profanity to be set as profile pictures.
  • Your picture must not have the potential to make any person feel unwelcome on AnimeReviews (this includes, but is not limited to, racist, sexist or threatening content)

Anime Tile Images

  • We have a zero nipple and zero nudity policy for all tile images. This includes male nipples and animated nipples. To keep the site family friendly, this applies to all anime including ecchi titles. Breaking this rule will be grounds for an account suspension.
  • The tile picture you pick must be related to the anime in question and must not contain spoilers or offensive imagery.
  • This image should not contain real people. If it does, it must be a screenshot from the show.

Anime Backgrounds

  • Backgrounds should not contain real people unless the image is a screenshot from the show in question.
  • The background should always be related to the anime in question, including but not limited to screenshots from the show, fanart and official wallpapers (no pictures of your cat, please...).

Non-Ecchi Anime

  • We have a zero nipple and zero nudity policy for background images on all anime that are not in the ecchi genre. Breaking this rule could be grounds for account suspension.

Ecchi Anime

  • For the background images of ecchi anime, we do allow nipples and tasteful nudity. We may, at times, replace instances of obscene nudity or depictions of violent sexual acts with a less obscene image, at our sole discretion.

Hotlinking & Sharing

All our images are cached in CloudFlare's CDN with long expiration times and no hotlink restrictions - so they'll be served reasonably snappily to anyone. We'd love for you to post them all over the internet, however, bear these things in mind;

  • Hotlink to as many anime tiles and user profile pictures as you want.
  • We may, at times, be forced to delete old images that are no longer used within our own site, in order to save space on our web servers. We would do this without giving any form of notice to anyone.
  • Give us some credit! Please at least link the image to the page on our site that it came from.
  • We won't disable your site's hotlink access for linking to anime tiles or users' profile pictures, but will for using an excessive number of our wallpapers as these can be very large and suck down a lot of bandwidth. Instead, you should send visitors directly to our wallpapers from a link such as "Download Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper".
  • We aren't an image host. Your blog about your favourite anime = cool, the front page of BuzzFeed = get your own bandwidth.
  • Our wallpapers may be Not Safe For Work (see Ecchi Anime).
  • Wallpapers can be very large. You should put them on your own server if you're going to be handling lots of them. (1 page with a wallpaper gets popular on your site = go you; 2,000 wallpapers hotlinked simultaneously = wallpaper warez site).
  • CloudFlare doesn't like this and we don't want to force them (or us!) to take heavy-handed action and disable everyone's access to the images.