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This page details what data we collect from you and how we use it. It also details the software we use, which data it looks at, and how it is stored and protected by that service.

What We Collect

Your email
We collect this so that we can get in touch with you if there's issues with your account or changes we need to make to our service (such as changes to our Terms of Service). It is never given out to anybody, nor is it ever displayed within our site for any purpose.
Your Profile
This data is collected so you can humanize your profile. It's entirely voluntary, and is fully public. It's displayed on your profile page, and available through the API. You can link your twitter and MAL list accounts, we hope that this might help you gain more followers on these social platforms if your profile gets lots of views.
Your Password
Your password is salted, peppered and hashed with a computationally intensive hashsum before being stored. However, it is not encrypted in transit. Entities between you and us on the internet (such as your school or workplace) could potentially be able to see your password if you log in or sign up to our site on their networks. We are working on this, but due to a lack of money, we are unable to support in-transit encryption at this stage.
Your IP address
We drop the last two bits of your IP address and store that. With this data, we examine the countries that our requests originate from. It is our intention to one day localise the site, and we will use this data to decide which languages to translate to first.
Data about your browser
We collect data such as which browser and which version of it that you use. This is entirely anonymous and so we can tailor our service to work best with the most common browsers and display types of our actual visitors.
Ratings are stored in our database indefintely and are used to compile aggregate statistics as well as to look at links between anime such as "if users like this anime, what other anime did they like?". We will never display what rating you gave to a specific show without your permission.

Services we Use

Piwik is run in-house to keep track of information about which browsers are accessing our site. This data will never be transferred to any other entity and is solely used to help us ensure our site works best across all devices. It allows us to view such data as how long our site takes to load for you (in case we need to purchase extra computing power), where you are (so we can decide what languages to support on our site in the future) and what browser you use to access (so we can ensure our site works smoothly; even on browsers we've never heard of!). We consider this data highly confidential, and protect it the same as how we protect your password. It is run separately from the website so that even in the hypothetical yet unlikely event of someone purchasing our site, this data would not be part of any such sale.
All data exchanged between you and our servers passes through Cloudflare first, where they check if they have a copy stored that they can send you quickly (including the images, Javascript and style sheets) on servers located around the world. This speeds up your access to the content and means our servers can handle more requests each. Cloudflare records your IP address and information about your browser to prevent request spamming and excessive load of their own and our services. Their collection of this data is governed by their own privacy and security policy. Additionally, Cloudflare performs basic spam checks on all data submitted to our site.
All reviews submitted to our site get submitted to Akismet for further spam checks. This data is used in accordance with the Automattic privacy policy.